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into the forest as I realized that, apart from a few birds singing, no other sounds were. At this point, I felt a bit is I, a man of 56 years of age, with onlymy shorts and shirt in it and about 18 wearing a very tight top and mini skirt mini. We have seen a little more but could not find the wallet, so I went to her and said, I think wasting time must be lost forever. To my great surprise, said : " Oh, do not think our time is wasted at all, which guarras came very close to me and started rubbing my penis through my shorts, then slid easily streached guarras shorts elastic and your hands down and began to squeeze my semi- erect penis. s for a few seconds I did not know what to do, but then I recovered and my hands slipped on the top, who brought up her breasts. When my hands covering her nipples erect shuddered, took her hands away from my penis and pulled the head. could see there was very little and shaped breasts with dark nipples were large erect as soldiers on parade. bowed my head forward and began to suck and lick with his tongue. that put hands down my pants and began to think, now caressing, fully erect penis. After sucking and licking her breasts for a while, I found my hands on her slim legs and slowly felt her skirt, there is a long way to go in her ass mini little impertinent just covered. To my surprise, he said he did not expect, with this, she opened her belt, button and zipper of her skirt and pulled down, was now standing in a pair of red panties pure silk and I could see colors now maintain pure beef ups. my penis is now fighting guarras to get out of my pants, grabbed my shorts and quickly pulled down, my cock stood up like a spring, she was on
Quotes er knees and took his mouth, I was shaking at this time. He sucked and sucked until I'm sure he wanted to cum in her mouth, but somehow I knew. She stopped and stood up and said. "Now it's your turn now," slowly pulled guarras his red underwear silk and left them on the ground, I realized that it is entirely her shaved pussy just shake my penis even more. I dismounted and began to filter in and around her vagina, she began to pant as her clitoris increasingly difficult. Meanwhile, my tongue was in and out of her, I grabbed her hair and pushed me deeper into it. I was almost at the stage of explosion when he said: "Now I want to be fucked. " So she left me and went back to where a little soft green grass, with which she lay on her back and said: "Fuck me, please," I have between my legs and guided my penis into the vagina, and guarras though he was drenched by now and I have huge penis, I realized that pushing too hard to penetrate her as I felt the muscles did fuck around, and press my penis was like a rubber band tightening around him. At that time she was out of breath and was gently pinching my nipples as he sucked. My strokes begangetting longer and I had the opportunity to begin contract by bullets feel, I will run I could not breathe, breathe, but also broke and I at this time. We stayed there for a few minutes later still breath, and then picked up his clothes and began to dress, pulled her skirt as she felt in her pocket and said, "Look, I found my wallet, not so much happiness and what guarras out of the woods, without even a backward glance. me, I got dressed and went home when I told my wife that long can cause you had a good walk in the sun!


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In mid-May of this year I had some time working for the surgery, he left the hospital after six days and advised me to walk walk every day, from 10 minutes on foot and progressing to 60 guarras minutes, so I had for a week or so passes, and if you remember, in June this year, the day was warm and sunny. On this day, I woke up later than 11:00, and thought, for one job, so why do I have to get up early the day was very warm and I thought, why not take a walk so I told my wife, I'm out of my walk. So I pulled my shorts, sneakers and a shirt and went into the woods behind our home. I for 10 minutes or so has been more than 50 feet in front of me, standing in the way to a very thin girl about 18 years, with a white tank top with thin straps, jeans red bright mini skirt with a striped belt and red shoes that looked remotely like a strong natural colored stockings, I noticed a very strange way thatone of those hot hot days we had in early June. As I approached I realized that I had small breasts pert and had no bra and her nipples erect How do I connect looked at me and said was "I covered my portfolio, which helped me to discover that the mind, I was walking through the woods and left him in the bushes? "I said. "No problem, where did you think whereabouts," noting, guarras he said, " Just got back there in the forest. " So we went to the area of forest that was much colder than the road that had just guarras left. We started later, but after a minute or so I could not find, so I turned to her and said, "Are you sure it's here that you liked " She said, " Well, it could have been a little more back in guarras the densest part of the jungle ", and followed him deeper